Black trousers Z01192 DANINI
Black denim trousers- Z01192Brand: DANINICat No: Z01192Product description:-Color:black de..
Blouse Kn04192 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No:KN04192Product description:- color: beige- short sleeves-round neckContent:..
Blouse S02192 DANINI
Brand: DANINIProduct description:- Color:white with black edging;- Round neck;-long sleeves.-To..
Blouse S03192 DANINI
Brand: DANINIProduct description:- Color: pink- Round neck;- Lace on the neckline - 7/8 lo..
Blouse S07192  DANINI
Product description:- Color: beige with printed flowers- Long sleeves;- Sleeve button.- Decorative l..
Blouse S08192 DANINI
Brand: DANINI Product description:- collar with a set and ties of fabric.- Color: beige and bla..
Blouse S09192 DANINI
Checkered blouse- S09192Brand: DANINICat No: S09192Product description:- Color: yellow,red..
Blouse S11192 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No:S11192Product description:- Color: beige and brown- Round neck;- Long sleev..
Blouse S12192 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No: S12192Product description:- Color: black and white print with inscrip..
Blouse S16192 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No:S16192Product description:- Color: white, beige and black- Round neck;-Knit..
Blouse S17192 DANINI
Product description:-Button fastening on the front section- Color: blue with garnish on the front an..
Blouse S18192 DANINI
Blouse with digital printed lipstickBrand: DANINICat No: S18192Product description: -..
Blouse S19192 DANINI
Brand: DANINIProduct description:- Color: grey- V neck;- Long sleeves;- Sleeve button.-Decorati..
Blouse S20192 DANINI
Blouse in blue color- S20192Brand: DANINICat No: S20192Product description:- Color: blue;-..
Blouse S21192 DANINI
Blouse with leopard print- S21192Brand: DANINICat No: S21192Product description:- Color: g..
Blouse S23192 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No: S23192Product description:- Color: grey with printed flowers; - ..
Blouse S24192 DANINI
Brand: DANINIProduct description: - Color: blue-Round neck; - Decorative strip on the..
Blouse S28192 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No:S28192Product description:- Color: brown, melange flowers- V neck- Long sle..
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