Blouse S07212 DANINI
Shirt with geometries, in contrasting yellow trim and mint green front. The canon buttons and cuff a..
Blouse S22212 DANINI
Loose blouse with digital print roses, the model is lined.Composition: 100% Polyester...
Blouse S24212 DANINI
Straight viscose blouse with digital print, trimmed with delicate tulle.Composition: 100% Viscose...
Blouse S28212 DANINI
The model is in a print of roses, a shirt with a canon of fabric, buttons in tone and folds on the b..
Denim trousers Z22212 DANINI
Free model jeans from double-sided fabric, Baggy style.Composition: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane..
Jacket V15212 DANINI
Classic jacket in azure blue, discreet AMP on the lapel and lids. The shape of the front is at an an..
Jacket W15212 DANINI
Leather Biker jacket, the fastening is with a zipper in black nickel, leather fillets and ticks on t..
Skirt Q09212 DANINI
Sole print in the current colors set for the season, the model is also available in lilac.Compositio..
Skirt Q11212 DANINI
Straight classic skirt with built-in boards, the fastening is in the back. The cuts in the front are..
Trousers Z07212 DANINI
Straight, wide pants in mint green, buttons at the waist in gold. The model is also available in sca..
Trousers Z16212 DANINI
Denim trousers in navy blue with light brownish hues, with a zipper in the side seam. The model is a..
Trousers Z20212 DANINI
Denim pants, on a blue-gray base, the jeans are also available in turquoise.Composition: 98% Cotton,..
Trousers Z28212 DANINI
Pants with an Italian pocket with protruding cuts in the front, accentuated with tropic AMP in tone...
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