Trousers Z01211 DANINI
Plain denim pants with five pockets and discreet wipes.Composition: 98% Cotton, 2% ElastaneWASHING I..
Trousers Z01211 DANINI
Denim pants in lilac color. The trousers are loose, with slits in the side seam.Composition: 98% Cot..
Trousers Z02211 DANINI
Fitted trousers with hem and slits at the bottom of the trouser leg. The fastening has a beautiful g..
Trousers Z05211 DANINI
Straight denim white pants with 5 pockets and accessories in gold color.Composition: 98% Cotton, 2% ..
Trousers Z06211 DANINI
Denim pants with ocean blue rubs. The model has five pockets and light and discreet slits at the bot..
Trousers Z1211 DANINI
Denim pants in rodeo-style rufflesComposition: 98% Cotton, 2% ElastaneWASHING INSTRUCTIONS..
Trousers Z13211 DANINI
Straight cotton pants in beige. The model is in a sporty-elegant series with pockets. It is successf..
Trousers Z14211 DANINI
Classic trousers that narrow slightly from the knee down and have discrete differences in length. Th..
Classic trousers that narrow slightly from the knee down and have discrete differences in length. It..
Trousers Z21211 DANINI
Linen pants with hem and elastic at the waist, which gives extra comfort. There is also a point disc..
Ttousers Z06202 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No:Z6202Product description:-Color: black;- Details:  back pockets -..
Trousers Z01202 DANINI
Brand: DANINIProduct description:- Color: bordeaux, grey and mustard-High waist- Narrow leg;- D..
Trousers Z16202 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No: Z16202Product description:- Color: grey- narrow leg;-  front poc..
Trousers  Z12202 DANINI
Product description:-Color: tile- Narrow leg;- Details: front pockets;  back pockets;- Clo..
Trousers Z17202 DANINI
Brand: DANINIProduct description:- Color: White, black and grey- Narrow leg;- Details: front po..
Trousers Z18202 DANINI
Brand: DANINICat No: Z18202Product description:-Color: dark blue- Details: italian front p..
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