Blouse S03211 DANINI
Loose blouse with pleats and viscose trim in tune with the pattern. The model is sporty elegant and ..
Blouse S04211 DANINI
The pattern is in floral embroidery, combined with cotton lace on the sleeve. The blouse has a light..
Blouse S10211 DANINI
The model is a sleeveless blouse with a dropped shoulder. It is also available in coral color.WASHIN..
Blouse S10211 DANINI
The model is a sleeveless blouse with a dropped shoulder. It is also available in yellow color.WASHI..
Blouse S11211 DANINI
Loose cotton blouse with 3/4 sleeves, soft mesh and cotton lace at the neckline. The model is also a..
Blouse S12211 DANINI
Loose blouse print with asymmetrical length. The front of the model has a knitted elastic in the col..
Blouse S20211 DANINI
The model is a free T-shirt with knitted elastics on the neckline and sleeves, the print is flocked,..
Blouse S28211 DANINI
Loose blouse, extremely stylish and elegant in workmanship, the model successfully combines three cu..
Blouse S30211 DANINI
Loose blouse with long sleeves, pleats and cotton cords at the front. The model has a fallen sleeve ..
Blouse S44211 DANINI
The model is a combination of a top with a tunic. The tank top has a digital print that repeats the ..
Blouse S57211 DANINI
Silk blouse with crinkle effect, neckline set with fabric ties. Free model suitable for summer heat...
Blouse SA27211 DANINI
Silk blouse from patello lilac print. The model is lined with cotton fabric and ends with an elastic..
Blouse SA44211 DANINI
The tunic model is long with slits in the side seam and a sleeve that is adjustable with pins. The p..
SHIRT S24211
Shirt of patterned flowers on a red base. The trim and buttons are in a dark blue color, which contr..
Blouse S12202 DANINI
209.90lei 187.90lei
Brand: DANINICat No: S12202Product description:- Color: black, grey and yellow- V-neck;- 7/8 lo..
Blouse S11202 DANINI
209.90lei 187.90lei
Brand: DANINICat No: S11202Product description:- Color: Grey amdbrown- V-neck;- 7/8 long s..
Blouse S18202 DANINI
189.90lei 171.90lei
Brand: DANINICat No:S18202Product description:- Color: Camel- round neck- Long sleeves;-golden threa..
Blouse S21202 DANINI
224.90lei 199.90lei
Product description:- Color: Blue, grey, black- round neck- Long sleeves;   HAND WASH..
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